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SifuChat is constantly refining our platform. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.

Live Preview Broadcast

Sifuchat’s powerful live broadcast preview allows you to create highly impactful campaigns that are optimized for the highest conversion rates.

WhatsApp Broadcast

Easily engage your contacts with the most popular social media channel in south-east Asia using our live WhatsApp Preview Broadcast Editor

Email Broadcast

Why do email broadcast separately on another platform when you can do it right from here using SifuChat live preview Email Broadcast Editor

SMS broadcast

Effectively reach your database using the most direct and immediate channel under just one single click.

Telegram broadcast

Instantly broadcast your message to a large audiences using our telegram channel (Coming Soon!).

Schedule Broadcast

Broadcast your message to your database at a specific time and date by enabling schedule option,

Personalize broadcast

Increase conversion rate by calling their name in every broadcast send and make them feel special. All in one single click!

Specific broadcast

Sifuchat offers you the flexibility in choosing the right channel for you to broadcast to a specific list.

Test broadcast

Unsure of how the broadcast is going to look like in real life? Test broadcast to your phone number or email first! Just in case.

Advance reporting tools

Sifuchat reporting tools allow us to find out what’s working and what’s not. Dig into your data to find opportunities to grow.

Broadcast Reporting

Find out what's working and what's not. Dig into your data to find which broadcast return you the most profit!

Real-Time Behavior report

Our graph gives you the opportunity to see the engagement trend happening in real time for every broadcast you made!

Forecast future performance

Easily study which channel, copywriting or customer demographic are giving you the most ROI and forecast your broadcast's future performance

Identify which list perform the best!

Gain insights on SifuChat analytical reports and find out which list and their demographic behaviours perform best!

Contact Declutter & Reorganization

What a better way to organize your database by having all of them under one single roof!opportunities to grow.

Contact storage

SifuChat offers you a free platform to keep all your contacts in one single platform and update their information like sales invoice in real time!

Contact Grouping

Group your contacts based on interest or promotion, location, age, and almost any behavior with SifuChat's advanced List tools.

Contact Duplicate

Have redundant contacts resulting from multi-channel marketing campaigns? Sifuchat's Duplicate tool will detect them for you!

Merge Contacts

Sifuchat offers you the flexibility to easily merge or combine redundant contacts that share similar contact info.

Customer relation management tools (CRM)

Efficiently keep & update all related information of each contact here under one single click!

Assign Task

Have so many important tasks to do? Efficiently assign task like 'follow up call' to the entire list or a few contacts and set a dateline!

Task reminder

Have a bad memory? No more missing important tasks! You will be constantly reminded of your tasks deadline.

Create Invoice Directly

Why keep sales invoices and the billings in separated folders when you can update them here and send it directly to the contacts.

Add notes

Have an extra remark you want to add for your teammates to see. Forget the traditional sticky note! Efficiently update them directly to the contact. All in one place!

Contacts Import Tool

Quickly import the contacts into Sifuchat usingour import tools

Bulk import

Quickly gather all your contacts from multiple different places and manually import them into SifuChat Dashboard

Import from other software

Have existing contacts in different platforms like WordPress, ActiveCampaign and more? Manually import their raw file into SifuChat (Coming soon!)

Auto-import form another software (COMING SOON!)

Automatically extract your contact database from different platforms into SifuChat. One-time setup only! (Coming Soon!)

Sales Booster Tools!

Sifuchat also constantly adding up new variety of sales tools that will help you to increase profits

Opt-in page

Gain hundreds new contacts using our Opt-in tool that automatically update your contact list in real-time!

Sales page

Easily create a new salespage for your product or services and have them automatically added to the database for every product purchase (coming soon!)

Link Rotators

Create a single link that automatically distribute traffic equally to multiple phone numbers.

All in One Platform…
Boost sales by keeping all database in one place and engage them in one single click!

SifuChat is Malaysia’s #1 leading solution for Email Marketing, SMS Marketing & Sales CRM. All in one platform.

Create a LITE account. It’s free, forever. No credit card required. Instant setup.

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